What is Texsun’s Algae Free Guarantee?

Texsun’s Algae Free Guarantee is designed to minimize the hassle of pool maintenance. Every pool requires some TLC, but it shouldn’t be a struggle to keep your pool sparkling clear. With that in mind, we set out to create a program just for you! Our first priority? Making sure you can swim year round.

In March of 1996 Texsun introduced our Algae Free Guarantee, and since then our customers have enjoyed and benefited from algae free pools. Through out the years our knowledge and product quality has improved drastically. We turned all that into your advantage by refining our Algae Free Program until we achieved the best results. We are proud to say that by following Texsun’s advice and using our product mix, we can guarantee and algae free pool for you and your family.

How Does It Benefit Me & My Pool?

Algae treatments are costly, and they heavily tax your system. A BASIC algae treatment for a 20K gallon pool STARTS at $50+Tax. That only includes your shock and algaecide! We haven’t added the cost of balancers, which ensure the treatment actually works. If not you’re just flushing money down the drain, and will surely require multiple treatments for the algae to be eliminated. Typically, there will still be some light balancing required after an algae treatment even if you have already balanced your chemicals prior to. That adds additional costs, and time away from swimming in your pool.

Algae treatments require a minimum of 24 hours of CONTINUOUS runtime to fully run its process. That means your pool is unable to be used for at least 1 to 2 days, but still eating up electricity and aging your equipment. But wait! There’s more… You now have to clean your filter! That’s exactly what you wanted to spend your day off or weekend doing, right? Filter cleans are messy and time consuming. On average, a trained technician will spend about an hour professionally cleaning your filter. If your filter isn’t cleaned, enjoy pushing all that algae back into your pool once you restart the circulation.

By using our products, and testing your pool water using our innovative photometer, the WaterLink SpinTouch powered by BioGuard’s Alex system, we can provide algae free protection in your pool. It’s the most advanced system for precise use of wet chemistry methods ever produced. Now analysts can achieve precision without time consuming test.

How Do I Enroll In Texsun’s Algae Free Program?

To get started, stop by one of our retail locations to first get your pool water professionally tested. Once our trained associates have obtained an analysis of your pool water, they can recommend the best mix of Texsun products for you to use. Remember, pool maintenance programs are NOT one size fits all! Each pool has its own ecosystem, which means your pool’s equilibrium is different from your neighbor’s and will require a different mix of products to maintain it.

Once your pool profile has been created, our Retail Associate can use our advanced Alex system to assess your pool’s chemical demand. This report will generate your estimated quantity needs for the next 3 months, giving you the opportunity to stock up and save money during our sales and promotions. Every day is a sale day at Texsun Pools!

After you have gone over your report with your Texsun Water Quality Specialist, you can make an informed decision on which brand’s product mix best fits you and your pools’ needs. Below are the minimum requirements for your Algae Free Guarantee purchase:

Your Pool’s Start-Up Kit:

After you have purchased your products, follow these simple instructions to ensure you remain Algae Free Guaranteed!

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Chemicals such as chlorine tablets, shock, and algaecides must be purchased from Texsun Pools.

  • Chlorine tablets or sticks, shock or oxidizer, and algaecide or clarifier must be purchased within the calendar year.

  • Borate levels must be maintained above 60ppm.

  • Pool water must be circulated during heat of the day for proper turnover (1hr x 10 degrees of air temperature + 1hr x 10K pool gallons)

  • Have the water tested at least once per month and maintain proper water chemistry.

  • Brush the pool on a regular basis and maintain filtration with proper filter care.

Texsun is proud to partner with our top brands, BioGuard and ProTeam to bring you Texsun’s exclusive Algae Free Guarantee.

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