Freezing Temperature Guidelines – No Power Loss

  1. Run the pool continuously.
  2. Wrap the pool water fill line with the appropriate material.
  3. It is not necessary to run you heater.
  4. Systems with slides, aerators, etc., should have lines and valves wrapped.
  5. Pool cleaners with booster pumps need not run continuously.
  6. Booster pumps for waterfalls or water features should run or pipes drained and covered.

Freezing Temperature Guidelines – Loss of Power

  1. Take trippers off the time clock and turn time clock off.
  2. Take pump lid off.
  3. Unscrew pump pot plug and volute plug if there is one.
  4. Dial multiport valve to backwash or push pull valve to backwash.
  5. Take drain plug out of multiport valve.
  6. Open air relief valve on filter.
  7. Take out filter drain plug.
  8. Open wing nuts on heater or open drain plug.
  9. Take chlorinator lid off.
  10. Take plug out of bottom of chlorinator.
  11. Put all removed plugs in a safe place.

Pool Restart

  1. Only perform the following steps when the water in your pipes has thawed out.
  2. Put all the plugs that were removed from the pumps/filters/valves back in place.
  3. Lube all pump lid o-rings with Teflon or silicone lubricant.
  4. Put DE/Sand filter valves into the pool position
  5. Using a bucket or garden hose – fill the pump pots with water. This may take several buckets of water or (5-10) minutes.
  6. Secure lids back on pumps.
  7. Open filter air relief valve (located on filter top).
  8. Turn pumps(s) on and allow them to fully prime. You do not need to turn your cleaner pump on.
  9. When a steady stream of water comes out of the air relief – close the air relief valve
  10. Put auto systems back into the auto setting and /or re-install time trippers to mechanical time clocks.
  11. Check for leaks – if none are found, you’re good to go!
  12. If any leaks are present, turn all the pumps off and contact our service department at 281-320-8242 or request an appointment online.