Freezing Temperature Guidelines

  • Return the pool water level to it proper operating level
  • Remove large debris from the pool with a skimmer net
  • Turn the pump on either through the circuit breakers or timing mechanism
  • Test the pool water, balance pH, and shock the pool heavily
  • Run the pump 24/7 until the water clears

Systems with heaters in case of power outage

  1. Take trippers off the time clock and turn time clock off.
  2. Take pump lid off.
  3. Unscrew pump pot plug and volute plug if there is one.
  4. Dial multiport valve to backwash or push pull valve to backwash.
  5. Take drain plug out of multiport valve.
  6. Open air relief valve on filter.
  7. Take out filter drain plug.
  8. Open wing nuts on heater or open drain plug.
  9. Take chlorinator lid off.
  10. Take plug out of bottom of chlorinator.
  11. Put all removed plugs in a safe place.