High Winds & Your Pool

  • High winds do not normally have a drastic effect on pools except in the case of hurricanes. If a hurricane is immanent please refer to our “hurricane” section of this website.
  • In the case of a normal high wind condition, debris in the pool is the primary obstacle.
  • Debris in the pool creates a chlorine demand and thus reduces the amount of chlorine in the pool to do its job. At your earliest convenience, you will want to remove the debris with your skimmer net.
  • The pool skimmers will also probably have collected a significant amount of debris as well. These may need to be emptied several times a day in the case of a prolonged wind event.
  • If a skimmer is allowed to be “choked” with leaves to the point that no water can pass through, you could run your pump dry which in turn could burn up the motor. In that case the motor will need to be replaced.
  • If you have a weekly pool cleaning service, in a high wind event their once a week stop may not be sufficient to handle all the debris in the pool. The homeowner may need to help by emptying the skimmers occasionally to prevent the “run dry” situation as discussed above.
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