Prolonged Power Outage

  • Under a prolonged power outage of several days there are only a few things you can do.
  • Portable household generators are normally 110V but there are some that will generate 240V. Most pool pumps are wired 240V in this market. Adapting the wiring to hook up a 240V generator to a pool pump should be done by an electrician only. This is a very uncommon practice.
  • If your home has a permanently installed backup generator, you would want to inquire to the manufacturer on what needs to be done to have the generator run your pool equipment.
  • In the absence of a backup power source, you can only try to minimize the effort that will be necessary to clear the pool whenever power is reestablished.
  • The first thing to do is to keep as much debris out of the pool using your leaf net. Debris causes a chlorine demand and uses your chlorine so that it cannot do its job oxidizing contaminants.
  • The next thing you can do is to keep a reasonable pH reading (from your test kit) using pool acid and shock the pool on a regular basis. Remember, the pool water is not moving due to the power being out. The only way to mix the chemicals into the pool is by brushing the pool surface especially the bottom if using granular chlorine. You will have to become the devise to move the water so that chemicals are completely dispersed evenly in the pool.
  • In a situation of no power only use liquid or granular chemicals. NEVER put a chlorine tab on the bottom of a pool.
  • When power is restored, run the pump 24/7 until water clears. Increase the level of normal chlorination and take a water sample to your local Texsun Pools store to receive advise on how to rebalance the pool water.
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