Freeze Damaged Pools & What You Need to Know

This is a long detailed message, please take the time to read through it. I believe this information will explain and answer many of the questions you may have about your pool. After suffering the worst freeze in many decades in Texas, our heartfelt prayers go out to all who have suffered through the power outages, water shortage and those who have suffered the extensive damage to their personal property as a result of the broken pipes.

Many of you are having to deal with long delays for repairs to your home plumbing, insurance adjuster’s large backlog of claims, and massive shortage of materials to repair damage caused by this catastrophic event!

Texsun Pools and the Texsun Pools employees are also faced with these challenges. Our phone systems and infrastructure systems were able to be restored to operation late Thursday, Feb 18th. Even though many in the Texsun Family are dealing with the same challenges so many of you are, I’m very proud of them and their commitment to our customers and the personal sacrifices they have made in an effort to help our customers with their pool needs. Most Texsun employees were able to come in on Sunday to help as many customers as we could get to.

On Thursday, we immediately started reaching out to our customers to get an assessment of the damage. Fortunately, many were able to follow the freezing temperature guidelines that we sent out on our email blast and posted on our website. They were able to avoid damage to their pool equipment. Unfortunately, the massive power outages left many unable to avoid damage to both their homes and their pool equipment.

What to do now? For those who were fortunate enough to get their equipment drained when the power went out, please refer to the startup guidelines at on the steps to follow for a successful restoration of circulation to the pool. If you find that you still experienced damage, turn your breakers off to the equipment and you can request service on the website. This is the quickest method of getting scheduled for service. Texsun pols currently has a tremendous amount of service calls to run. Please be patient, it may take 2-3 weeks before we can make it out. Fortunately, at this time of year with the water temp so low, if your pool is without circulation, the water may get a little cloudy. Once circulation is restored, take a water sample into one of the Texsun pools retail stores for a free water test. Rebalancing the pool water and restoring it to a crystal clear safe water should be fairly quick and easy.

The priorities we are focusing on are as follows

  1. Restore basic pool circulation anyways possible. Do to the Covid pandemic over the last year, supply chains & manufacturing of products has been very different and all manufacturers are many months behind on producing and shipping their products to distributors. This will be a major challenge that will last ALL OF 2021. Major shortages, even of the most basic materials (such as PVC, valves, and parts) will be a continued challenge. We cannot perform repairs if we are unable to get the products to do so.
  2. Texsun Pool repair technicians are very creative and will find a way in most all cases to get some form of restoration of circulation to the pool. This may entail by passing damaged heaters, not repairing water features until a later date. Whatever it takes to get the basic circulation restored on all the pools damaged is our priority. We will be making detailed assessments of all the damage and will reschedule a return visit at a later date as the products needed for the repairs become available. Please be patient during this process. We will be contacting these customers for complete repairs as soon as possible but some of these repairs may require a complete re-plumb of the pool equipment slab which can be time consuming. It is for this reason, basic pool circulation restoration is our first priority. Anything that is not essential to accomplishing this will be repaired at a future date as products become available.
  3. If your homeowner’s insurance policy includes a swimming pool portion, then this damage should be covered under the policy. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to get on a schedule to have an adjuster come out. They will be back logged but getting the basic pool circulation will not affect your claim. The initial service call should be able to be included in your claim and reimbursed to you.

I hope this information has been helpful to you and provides you a better understanding of the challenges we will be confronted with moving forward. I have been in contact with all the manufacturers and they are trying to divert as much product into this market as are the major swimming pool distributors from other markets not affected by this catastrophic event. Everyone is doing everything in their power to try to restore your pools to full operation as soon as humanly possible. Please be patient and understanding that we are all working together in an effort to restore your backyard paradise so you and your family can enjoy a safe escape from this current world we are living in!!

If you have any questions, please visit our website at We are constantly updating and posting pertinent information in addition to the vast amount of information already on the website. This is a tremendous resource for your swimming pool questions in general. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call the corporate office at (281) 320-8242 and one of the very knowledgeable Texsun Pools staff will be able to help you out.


Our customers is our first priority.



Your entire Texsun Pools Family

Thomas K. Steinbacher