Energy Ogre is a Texas-based technology company that specializes in electricity management. Their members enjoy the convenience of saving time and effort while Energy Ogre does the shopping for them (don’t worry, they even read the fine print). On average members pay 40% less than they are used to, which often exceeds $1,000 in annual savings. 


Why did Texsun Pools Partner with EO?

Texsun Pools routinely installs high-speed variable pool pumps for its customers. These innovative pumps are incredibly energy efficient, which helps the homeowner cut down their annual electricity cost.

Speaking of electricity, that’s where Energy Ogre comes in! Energy Ogre finds a better electricity plan for Texsun Pools customers, which helps them save even more money each year.

Basically, with variable pool pumps and Energy Ogre’s help, homeowners use less power while paying a lower rate for power.

How Does Their Service Work? It’s Simple!


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What Do Their Members Say About EO?

Here are some examples of Energy Orgre members who saved thousands by letting them find their next electricity plan!


Jeff saved more than 60% on his annual electricity expenses with Energy Ogre. In the first year alone, he saved more than $3,000!


Mya needed help finding a suitable electricity contract. By signing up with Energy Ogre, she saved 57% on her annual bill.


When she built her new home, she wasn’t aware of EnergyOgre. Nickie enrolled in an overpriced contract. With Energy Ogre, she cut her bills in half!