Deep penetrating filter cleaner degreases all filters without long-term harm to the media. Spray on or soak for effective cleaning. You decide!

Do you really need to use a filter cleaner on your pool filters? Texsun Pools recommends that you chemically clean your filters at least once a year with a degreaser; Either before or after the swim season. Think of it this way, would you rinse your clothes off instead of washing them with detergent? Our pool filters are the same. Over the course of the season and off-season pool filters accumulate organics known as “bather load” (sweat, dead skin cells, suntan lotions, oils, cosmetics, hair products, or as soil, fertilizer, or insect and plant fragments etc.). This is under a pressurized system, causing those products to wedge themselves inside filter pleats; This occurs with inorganic material such as metals as well. Filter Magic helps loosen and break down these products to effectively remove them from your filter’s pleats.

Stop by your neighborhood Texsun Pools and ask your pool water chemistry trained Texsun Retail Associate about the different ways that you can use this product to clean your filters. Best of all, Filter Magic is made right here in the USA to ensure the highest quality, allowing you to buy with confidence.


  • Complex formula contains wetting agents, surfactants, cleaning compounds and release agents
  • Quickly loosens and removes oils, combined organic matters, calcium deposits and biguinide polymer material
  • Can be used as a backwash or as a soak cleaner
  • Compatible with ALL types of sanitizers
  • Compatible with ALL filter types (D.E., Cartridge, & Sand!)
  • Benefits

  • Retain the full efficiency of your filter
  • Improves water clarity
  • Helps protect pool equipment
  • If solution re-enters pool, will not affect pool chemistry
  • For application and dosing instructions, please visit ProTeam®’s Metal Magic product page.

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