Smart phone control, voice control, smart watch control…it’s smart pool control. Wherever, whenever and however you want. Whether you’re installing a pool, or reconstructing one, Pentair has the latest technology to keep you in touch with your pool’s every function and feature. From anywhere. Better still, to give you more time splashin’ and relaxin’.


Smart phone control of your pool means less pain and maintenance.


Real-time alerts help you monitor your pool’s pH and sanitizer performance.


We have an automation solution for any pool, from no frills to super fancy.


The EasyTouch Control System eliminates the inconvenience of trips to your pool equipment pad, memorizing operating sequences, opening and closing valves and resetting time clocks and thermostats.


IntelliTouch pool and spa automation offers superior control systems from the simplest to the most ambitious pool and spa designs, including water features and spectacular pool lighting effects.

ScreenLogic2® Interface
for IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch®


ScreenLogic2’s unique capabilities enable users to easily monitor and control multiple pool or spa functions using one interface. Manage water temperature, lighting, fountains, waterfalls and other pool features whenever and wherever you choose. You can also easily access the operating history of your pool and spa or request specific information, such as the pH or ORP level.

  • All ScreenLogic2 kits come with a protocol adapter and ScreenLogic2 Interface PC program on CD.

  • You can monitor and control your pool and spa from an Apple Watch® wrist wearable device.

  • Have Alexa™ activate your spa or water feature circuits or tell you the status of your pool with a simple voice command from your Amazon Echo® devices.

  • Remotely manage from a Mac® Computer* or PC using the ScreenLogic2 Interface application

  • Easily change, track and monitor history of pH and ORP levels when using the IntelliChem® Water Chemistry Controller with IntelliTouch® or EasyTouch® automation systems

  • ScreenLogic2 app now allows full-color lighting control for both IntelliBrite® LED pool, spa and landscape lights and MagicStream® Laminars

The ScreenLogic2 Interface allows you to control the key functions of a pool or spa using the IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch® control systems, through controllers such as an iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® mobile digital device, and Mac® computers.


EasyTouch pool and spa control systems eliminate repeated trips to the equipment pad, as well as memorizing operating sequences, opening and closing valves and resetting time clocks and thermostats. Plus, EasyTouch sets the standard for operating simplicity with push-button operation and clear, intuitive instructions and displays.

EasyTouch systems are available for spa, pool, or a pool/spa combination with shared equipment. And, you can select from systems that control four or eight accessory functions. EasyTouch makes it easy to schedule and operate pool and spa cycles, and optional controllers are available for added convenience.

Add an optional ScreenLogic2 interface kit to your EasyTouch system, and you can control everything from pool and spa temperatures to jets, lighting, water features and more—right from your favorite mobile digital device.


An IntelliTouch control system takes the work out of scheduling and operating pool and spa heating, filtration and cleaning cycles. It also gives you one-touch control over additional features. Plus, an IntelliTouch system makes sure all your equipment operates at peak efficiency for minimum energy usage and cost.

Pinpoint control over equipment operating schedules saves money. Plus, you can take advantage of off-peak electrical rates, when available. And, by only running equipment and accessories as much as needed to keep your pool and/or spa in top condition, you prolong the life of your equipment. IntelliTouch also lets you control money-saving variable speed pumps and solar heating systems.

IntelliTouch systems offer a number of individual and multiple wired and wireless control devices for the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Plus, you can use a MobileTouch® Wireless Controller or add an optional ScreenLogic Interface to access your pool remotely using many popular mobile digital devices

IntelliTouch systems sense conditions that could hamper operation and alert you to these situations or take automatic corrective action. It will also tell you when service is needed.

You select one of IntelliTouch’s Personality Kits based on whether you want to control a separate pool or spa, a pool/spa combination with shared equipment or a pool/spa combination with separate equipment. Your Personality Kit determines the type and number of equipment and accessories you will control.

  1. First is the Power Center which is installed at your pool equipment and contains all the electrical circuitry.
  2. Second is one of the “Personality Kits” you select based on whether you want to control a separate pool or spa, a pool/spa combination with shared equipment or a pool/spa combination with separate equipment.
  3. Third is your System Controller. Select from an indoor wall-mounted unit, MobileTouch® Wireless Controller or our ScreenLogic Interface for your mobile digital device, and now with the Apple Watch® wrist wearable device and Amazon Echo™.